meet the face

first and foremost, KASHCURE is all about self-care; mainly mental and emotional care.

growing up, I was always considered 'the strong one' the one that seemingly has it together (lol ahh boi). therefore, since I was that one, I always ensured that people felt good about themselves because that made me feel good. i live for making those around me comfortable and happy.

now, how this relates to skincare? self-care is strongly tied to skincare because as humans we need to LOOK & FEEL good. they both go together. ying and yang style. however, there is indeed a gap and that is where KASHCURE comes in. we are here to encourage and to uplift through relatable product names and skincare formulas that are equally beneficial.

the name KASHCURE stems from my name KASH and the need to help which is to ('CURE'). because of that, I make products that are natural & organic. products that are simple, clean, and effective; ingredients that you can pronounce and are plant-based.

one thing though..... i do NOT promise results that lead to the 'perfect' skin because that's not a thing. what I promise is better skin. along with better skin, i want you to have an experience, a relaxing one! one that will make you reminisce on a moment that brings you happiness. with product names such as 'better not bitter', 'it's me for me', 'i said what i said' ... it is all intentional as you are able to see a constant reminder to be/remain confident.

come along this ride with me. experience island-style made products with ingredients such as moringa, neem, sea moss, and turmeric. heal from the inside out and have the MOST CONFIDENT time of your life.

- kash

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