new year new me?

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are we still claiming this? writing down all the things that we want to accomplish and then forgetting about them? that was always the thing to do so that we can feel better about the months to come. butttt, we are going to cut that out. we are going to manifest all the plans that we have; plans to succeed, the plans to improve health, plans to leave that man or woman alone. we are going to do it all this year, so believe it.

where should i even start?

start anywhere. if you want to start by leaving that job, then make preparations to do so. once you get into the groove of things, everything else will follow. the relief that you are going to feel is going to be so great that everything else will feel easy. i remember someone said that confronting your biggest fear is where you should start. but i say, start anywhere. why? because some people just do not know how to conquer their biggest fear just yet and that is fine! therefore, that does not mean that you should put everything else on hold? no, we are taking small steps; one foot in front of the other.

how do i know what i should get rid of?

let's think about what makes you sad. yes, that thing! immediately, what thought came to mind? there is something and sometimes we are slow to admit what that thing is because we are afraid to leave it behind. that could mean being homeless, or even single. however, think about it like this, if you are to continue in this same state, are you going to push beyond boundaries or stagnancy? are you going to get where you need to? this thing is just going to linger in your life and will become unnecessary baggage. now, if you are in a situation that is violent, then i strongly suggest seeking help for a safer way of escape.

who should i trust?

that one person that you know that will not judge you. that person that you know will give you that tough loving. we do not need a yes man. a yes man will not be able to motivate you the right way. sometimes we need a little shaking up and that is fine. nevertheless, put your trust in someone that has proven to you time and time again that they are in your corner, regardless.

it is a new year and it should be an improved you. let's get it.

stay safe kings & queens. bless up.

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