the beginning

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the truth is, we need to know what it means to truly take care of ourselves. i mean in a wholesome and thorough way.  we hear it all the time "self-care, self-care" blah blah, but what does this mean? does it mean that we neglect all others and only focus on ourselves? or does that mean that we treat ourselves financially sometimes? well, honestly, the answer is neither. i spent a lot of time trying to figure out.. what the hell that meant. especially now that I have time to think, i have realized that self-care means to nourish oneself.

what does it mean to nourish?

let's break it down. when you nourish something that you love, you help it to grow. for example. in order for your plants to become trees, you need to water them.. correctly. because, as well all know, for a plant to grow, you need to water the roots. watering the leaves alone will not be as effective. now, think about yourself, how do you nourish your mind, body, and soul? what do you feed on? who has access to you? and what do you speak into your life? let's think about that.

why kashcure?

the essence of this platform is a means of encouragement & upliftment. i seek to help. whether that means to help someone physically or emotionally, it does not matter. here we speak truth and life. these blogs are not typed and checked by any professional, it is just me speaking from a place of 'real talk'. it is so easy to go online and search for things to talk about because the self-care talk is fueled by bloggers. but i wanted this to be different and the only way to do that is through raw uncut words from the founder herself.

about kash

being a little island girl that graduated from Howard University (the real HU) is an achievement. i was ready to take on life full force and to make some real money with my degree (a bsc in computer engineering). well, LOL. i am not going to sit here and tell you that i have had the woooooorst hand dealt but i did go through it. trying to find my purpose while feeling alone was really hard. my family and friends were very present but it was something internal that i alone could 'fix'. i was determined that i was not going to fail and that something had to give. that something caused me to move miles away to florida and that was when i realized how strong i was. leaving behind a life i knew to move into a life of the unknown... but i was ready. God gave me the courage.

that is the energy i want to pass on. i want to be able to encourage people through blogging and through my skin-care line. my products are formulated to elevate mood and to create an 'i can' atmosphere. from body oils to lingerie for women of all sizes to underwear for our men, i am here for all of it and i hope that you are as well. thank you for reaching thus far and i encourage you to share your story!

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