why aromatherapy

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what exactly is aromatherapy or essential oil therapy?

it is a holistic healing treatment that utilizes natural plant extracts to promote relaxation, healing & well-being. that brings us to, what exactly are essential oils? these are liquids that are extracted from certain plants and usually give off a pleasant aroma. the extraction process can be done by either steam or pressure.

the use of essential oils dates wayyyyy back before you and me. they were heavily used in ancient chinese and indian medicine and now aromatherapy. nevertheless, to be completely transparent, the comparison between the use of synthetic medicine and use of essential oils still needs to be concluded.

how does it work?

aromatherapy can be introduced to the body in three main ways.

  1. topically: for example, skin products (lotions, body buffers, body oils, soaps, etc)
  2. aromatically: for example spread throughout the air with a diffuser so that you can inhale it.
  3. internally (but should be done with caution)

what happens when we do inhale the essential oil?

scents are made of molecules that can be inhaled. these molecules will then travel upwards the nose and latch onto our olfactory membrane which then stimulates our olfactory receptors. once the scent is identified by the receptors, they find their way to our olfactory bulb which then signals our cortex and limbic system. as a result, the brain is then alerted and is made to respond based on the scent detected.

for example, lavender essential oil is known to relax the body and so once inhaled, your body will behave accordingly.

what are the benefits?

simply put, aromatherapy helps to soothe, relax, and to have an overall holistic effect on the body. all in all, it promotes you to take that well-deserved time.

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